How To Survive (And Thrive) In a Global Pandemic

Anyone else feel like it’s day 1,072 of being quarantined and home bound? There is so much uncertainty and chaos right now that it can feel like a full on assault on your mental health. Have you noticed feeling on edge? Anger rising to the surface quicker than normal? Feeling lonely? Hopeless? Constant feelings of Anxiety? Rest assured that you’re not alone. Many are feeling the same way. There is so much focus right now on things that we can’t do…but what are some things that we can do?

  • Be creative in finding ways to continue having social connection while maintaining social distancing. Some ideas that I have heard lately are planning themed family or friend Zoom calls. Some fun ideas include crazy hat day, book club, decades, etc.
  • Create a routine and keep to it! Get up every morning and shower and get ready for the day. Write daily goals and make lists that you can check off throughout the day.
  • Find time to be active. Go for a bike ride, a family walk, find home workouts online or dust off that workout DVD from 1999.
  • Cut yourself some slack if you are not the Pinterest worthy home school teacher that you were hoping to be, or are not doing a full declutter of every room, or a Pottery Barn style renovation on your house. (It’s hard to keep up with it, I get it!)
  • Make your mental health a priority. These times truly are challenging for everyone. Self-care is a must right now. Remind yourself that this is temporary and that we WILL get through this. I’m including simple grounding exercise below that will help you stay present and calm in challenging moments.

I have a feeling when we look back at this time that we will be more grateful for the little things in life.


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